We all know how fun Boston Winter’s can be, so when I am asked by clients if it’s a good time to buy during the Winter months in Boston my answer is a chilling yes! Now many of you may be saying, “he’s crazy if he thinks I’m walking through snow to buy a house.” I can assure you I am not and here is why:

As a Buyer:

You have an advantage during the Winter to find your dream home because most of the demand during these months tapers off quite a bit due to the “Holiday Lag.” Many buyers minds seem to turn off during the Winter either because there are so many events to prepare and get ready for during the Holidays, or the weather is just to unbearable it makes it impossible to even get to your showing! I remember during the Winter of 2014, I couldn’t even park my car for 5 minutes to show a property!

Another advantage for buyer’s is that listings that are on the market during these months are not getting the same foot traffic as properties for sale during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Seller’s sometimes become anxious and are more open to offers below asking price, especially if the seller doesn’t live in the property anymore.

The weather can really show you the bones of a property as well. In regards to inspections, you can really see how the house withstands inclement weather. i.e, roof leaks, drafty windows, heating and electrical systems and water damage. Some of these issues don’t always come into play during the other seasons.

So if you’re a buyer who doesn’t mind a little snow, less demand, and motivated sellers, the Winter months may be the best time for you to buy!