1. Analyze the Market and Price the Home Accurately

This is not the Spring market anymore and we are seeing more and more homes enter the market each day. It’s important to notice how many homes are active, how long have they been active for? How many have gone pending? How many have sold? How many have expired?

This can be a challenge for some who have not bought or sold in many years, hiring an experienced real estate agent who interprets these statics everyday makes the process more understandable. Or check out a quick tool many use to get a broad sense of your homes value at What’s My Home Worth

Understanding the different markets. Do you own a multi family dwelling, condo or single family? Those statics can vary especially with investment properties. It’s important to know what type of market your area is experiencing and price your home accordingly. Since every real estate market is different, consult with a local experienced real estate agent to find out what type of market your area traditionally experiences during the fall market.  

2. Take Care of Inspections and Cleanings

The best time of the year to inspect your furnaces is in the Fall, right before the weather starts to drop into cooler weather. Having your furnaces cleaned out or inspected and being able to show receipt of this being done shows the prospective buyers that maintenance is routine with your house. You should try to have your furnace cleaned out once per year. Also, gutter cleanings. This is a great time to have this done so when the Winter is here, there is no threat of clogged gutters, ice dams etc. that could cause the roof to leak. Again, receipts of this can put the buyers at ease with the maintenance already being done.

3. Decorate and Show a Festive Appearance

Every home is built with memories. Give the buyers a preview of what the holidays are going to look like during this time of the year. Halloween and Thanksgiving are the two holidays that happen during the Fall. It’s nice to decorate, but not to over decorate. It’s always a good idea to consider staging the home as well and de-cluttering. Make sure the home shows off the size of the rooms and where furniture looks the best!

4. Prepare the Home for Showings

It’s important to know how to properly prepare your home for showings, whether you’re selling your home in the spring or the fall.  If you decide to sell your home in the fall, there are certain things that you can do in addition to the normal preparation tasks such as de-cluttering.

One of the best ways to prepare your home for showings when selling in the fall is to ensure your home smells good.  One of the most common reasons a potential buyer is scared away from a home is because there are foul odors.  A popular way to make your home smell good is by baking a cake or pie.  Since you’re selling your home in the fall, consider baking an apple or pumpkin pie.  Other popular ways to make your home smell good while selling it in the fall include;

  • Brewing a fresh pot of pumpkin coffee
  • Boiling cinnamon sticks
  • Burn fall scented candles

Another important tip to prepare your home for showings during the fall seasons is to make sure you turn on all the lights in your home.  Since the number of daylight hours in the fall decreases, it’s more likely your home will be shown when it is dark outside.  Having all the lights on in your home for showings will help make your home appear larger.  If you don’t turn all the lights on, your home may appear dark, small, and uninviting!

5. Curb Appeal

One of the number one tasks home sellers forget to do when selling their house during the fall is tiding up the lawn! Make sure you rake the leaves, cut the grass, pick up any debris blowing around and have the lawn cut. If you want to take it a step further have the bushes trimmed or the lawn professionally manicured.

Final Thoughts

The Fall season is a wonderful time to sell your home. Selling in the Fall is not for everyone. However, by following the steps above, this will streamline the process and get you to the finish line with more money in your pocket and less stress!